One of a Kind Classic

When Car Shows LTD does an event, classics like David Gongoras 1950 Ford F100, aluminum Boyer Town body delivery truck is what shows up. Car Shows LTD doesnt do just any other car show. Car Shows  brings out the best of the best! The most stunning cruisers this side of the Colorado like Gongoras rig. David's showwinn is used to promote his long standing body shop business. He found his delivery truck in Wsiconsin 2 years ago, owned by a auto mechanic who kept it running great, but the body was definitely in bad shape. With his own body shop to do the work David began a 100% restoration just as soon as he got the pink slip and drove her all the way back to So Cal.  That's right, she was running when he got her! Better yet, the truck came attached to a 1969 Airstream and the previous owner installed a Cadillac 472ci engine for the powerplant. The interior is all custom wood paneling and the rear fenders and runnig boards are one-off customs made just for this delivery truck.

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50ford 005